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Some teachers should be put in prison for the way they either take advantage of women in their classes or destroy fragile egos. Be careful who you ask to help you when you’re in the arts.

-Mandy Patinkin

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Four. Just this morning.

And at this precise moment it’s 9:00 AM (although by the time I post this it won’t be). Not bad, eh? Since Jameson has Algebra (poor boy) beginning at 8:00 Saturday mornings, I have time between driving him there and teaching my first student (9:15). I’ve decided that’s a good time to wind some reeds and get them started. If I had thought of this earlier just think of where I’d be right now.

On weekdays I drive Jameson to school in the morning and go directly to exercise (unless I have an appointment elsewhere of course). I need this sort of schedule to keep me disciplined with exercise, because I’m not exactly the sort who willingly chooses exercise over, say, blogging. So perhaps I’ll apply this same schedule to reed winding.

Now about yard work ….

Forget it!