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I’d love to blog a bit about all sorts of things, but I’m absolutely exhausted! Today was the final Opera San Jose performance of Don Giovanni. I thought it all went very well, and the audience seemed quite appreciative.

Now I deal with the letdown of it all. And this is always difficult.

It’s over and no more opera for me until next season. No more opera paychecks either. Ouch. I always miss opera, and I can’t tell you how much I wish I could find a summer season to play in somewhere. (This summer is the Worst Ever for yours truly; not even one smidgin’ of playing work. I don’t even want to think about what this means financially. So I won’t. But does anyone have any work they’d like to offer me? 🙂

It’s over and no more sitting next to some very dear friends. I will miss, especially, my friend Isabelle, as this is the only orchestra we play in together.

It’s over and no more Kirk Eichelberger, Deborah Berioli, Jason Detwiler, Adam Flowers, Jesse Merlin, Lori Decter or Joseph Wright, unless they return as guest artists (I do believe I read that at least one is already listed to do so). The next batch of singers will be different for us orchestra folk because we won’t ever see them on stage. With the group that is leaving we saw them during our Montgomery years, when the stage was visible either directly or through a reflection on some plexi-glass. So we began a new era with the fabulous California Theatre (I DO mean fabulous! I’m so glad to be there), and we begin another new era of the “unseen singers”. (And sometimes unheard as well, unless we finally manage to “win” some monitors!)

So I’m sad. And then I’m tired, too. I not only had an opera to play, but then I attended a lovely end of the year party at a very generous donor’s home. I enjoy parties like that but, being the introvert, I also find that I’m wiped out when I get home.

So it’s off to bed with me. I’ll curl up with a book for as long as I can last. I have a feeling it won’t be that long, though.

More later … about a book I’m reading, as well as some Time Magazine archive articles that made me laugh and/or ponder.

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