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Received today:


I visited your site and I wonder if you would like to exchange links
for mutual benefit.

If you can add my site to yours, I will reciprocate immediately.

My details are:

Site Name / Link Text:
Clubbing Honies | Nightclub Clothes | Nightclubs | Clubbing

Club review for nightclubs in San Francisco, Bay Area, NYC, Miami,
Spain etc. Night club photos, pictures, parties, clothes and lots more.

Besides the fact that I’ve never been into clubs … haven’t ever been, aside from one reception at a place like that, I’m also not that into reciprocal links. I like to link to sites I read. I don’t care if the person manages the other site links to me or not. If you go to those sites on the left of this page, you’ll see that some have linked to me (thanks!) and others won’t. I try not to take it personally. (Although I’m a musician; we tend to take everything personally. Each one of us thinks, “It’s all about me.” Sad, isn’t it?)

Symphony Silicon Valley today! First, though, it’s exercise. Then reeds. Lots and lots of reeds. My parts are not difficult (aside from two little sections of the Berlioz). It’s always the reeds ….

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What a good thing it isn’t music.

-Rossini, commenting on Berlioz’ Symphonie fantastique