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to be here right now:


Just thinking of a cool Mother’s Day kind of thing to do.

But a concert calls. Alas, I will have to get to the ballpark another day.

I hope!

This is the final concert of my season. No more Opera San Jose and no more Symphony Silicon Valley so I’m feeling a bit sad. Oh to have summer work lined up! Now I deal with less income and more free time. I do need some time, but I’d gladly trade it for some playing jobs; not playing until September is a challenge.

A number of my colleagues move to unemployment income now, but I continue to teach privately (and yes, I report all my teaching income) so I can’t do that. Sometimes I wonder if I’d actually “earn” more if I told the students to take the summer off. It would be interesting to see what I’d bring in for doing nothing. Hmmm.

Naw, I won’t do that. Besides, UCSC actually pays us over the twelve months, so I’m not sure it would be legal.

Concert at 2:30. No, I’m not leaving yet. Symphony Silicon Valley has pre-concert talks in the hall, so we aren’t allowed to warm up until 2:00 anyway. I’m not into “hurry up and wait” after I arrive there. And I (happily) live about seven minutes from the hall.

Ramble, ramble … yeah … it’s that kind of day. 🙂

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