He liked it.

Quick Note: I have decided that I won’t be linking to every review I see from here on out; I simply have too much going on right now. So this may very well be the only review you’ll see for this one.

Of course time will tell! 🙂

And now I’m racing off to coach the San Jose Youth Symphony. I’m not a conductor! I always give the students the right to giggle at my poor conducting skills. I think they have every right!

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So I am included at Blognoggle after all. Cool!

Mostly, I recommend you bookmark that site; it’s a handy way to see what (mostly classical) music blogs have been updated recently. I think I like it a whole lot better than the RSS feed I use. Try it!

And thanks, Jerry Bowles, for including (not so) little (sort of) OLD me. 🙂

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You are never as bad as you think you are. On the other hand, you are never
as good as you think you are.

-Harold Emert (I’ve been informed that at least one other has said this as well. I certainly need to remember it!)