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Nearly everyone I’ve talked to about the musical Cats doesn’t really care for the show. I’m not referring to this specific show my son is in and I’m playing, but the show in general. And while I’m glad to get to play it, and Jameson is very good in it, I agree (as does Jameson) with these folks. But I do find this puzzling. If the majority of people I’ve talked to think the show is lacking in nearly everything (musicality, plot, creativity, craft, art), why the heck has it been so popular? Weird. Kelsey, our daughter, thinks it’s all about dance and cat makeup. I’m thinking she’s right. But does that really appeal to the general public? And are the people who attend shows at my son’s high school simply more discerning. Or picky. Or do they have weird taste?

My kids were suggesting “Cats on Ice” though. They thought that would be fun.

I have a very sarcastic family. 😉

So I’ve now playing three rehearsals and four shows. Next week I do five more. I am ready to be done now, so this will be a tiring week!

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I play an instrument that has four strings, and I’m still trying to get it right. What I’ve tried to do in the process of playing these four strings is to try and understand the people I meet, the stories they have to tell. And then become an advocate for them and their stories through music.

-Yo-Yo Ma