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There are more changes in the double reed world. Two of note:

  • Jonathan Dlouhy, principal oboist of the Atlanta Symphony leaves at the end of this season.
  • Julie Anne Giacobassi will be retiring from her English horn position with the San Francisco Symphony.
  • Last year was the Year of Oboe Auditions™ but it looks like the year has been extended a bit! It isn’t really surprising, as the domino affect hits whenever there are major symphony orchestra auditions (so many positions are filled by musicians already in other orchestras, thus causing more auditions) but these two positions are entirely new. No dominoes here. Yet.

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    In the end, it was a Bach motet that shooed me away—choristers weren’t damnably bad, but the organist’s only hope for salvation was a bullet through the brain. Told him so too—tact and restraint all well and good in small talk, but one mustn’t beat around any bush where music is concerned.

    -David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas, p 75