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Read in a newspaper article about a couple of high school cross country runners:

She’s an accomplished oboe and saxophone player in the band. She was this year’s prom queen and is ranked sixth in her class.

Okay, okay, I suppose it could happen. But really … an oboe playing prom queen? Nearly as scary as Carrie. 😉

Just joking, folks. Sometimes oboe players just wanna have fun.

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of a pattyramble™ length.

iTunes, emusic, and Classical Music
Will they ever get it right? I wonder. I remain a member of emusic because I find it so wonderful to quickly download a work that I need to study, or a student needs to hear. And I’ve been introduced to oboists and composers I’d never heard of. I use iTunes when emusic doesn’t have what I need. But both places sure don’t get it when it comes to classical music. For instance, I downloaded The Incredible Flutist, which is a work that doesn’t stop but has a good number of sections. Argh! Every section is a separate track, and one can’t link the tracks. The same goes for iTunes; if the work is a multiple movement work with breaks between movements it’s not a problem, but if the movements are attacca or if there are multiple tracks for one movement we get an ugly break between each section that disrupts the piece.

So why, I wonder, can emusic and iTunes not fix this problem?

I’m guessing it must be more difficult than I know. (Of course I know nothing, so I’m not sure what this means!) I don’t understand how any of this downloading works (magic?), but I do know that if I take a CD I own and put it on my computer via iTunes I can link tracks (or “songs” as they like to call them). Is it an impossible thing to link tracks being downloaded from online music suppliers? Am I missing something?

I think what both iTunes and emusic need is … drumroll please … ME! I would gladly listen to their music and let them know which works need to be linked and which don’t. (Even some pop music needs linking, actually; the Cat Stevens I purchased through iTunes certainly did. Yes, I really did download Cat Stevens. I like him. Are you sorry for me? Do you think less of me … or is that not possible?) I’ve also found a few tracks from emusic that have glitches. They credited me for a couple tracks, but they couldn’t find the glitches on the others; so they need me to help with locating problems like that too. 😉

In other news
Sheet Music Plus
is having a sale on Bärenreiter editions. This includes the newest edition of the Mozart Oboe Concerto (something all oboists should own, yes?) as well as some other great works. Check ’em out!

Sheet Music Plus Featured Sale

Recently I’ve been listening to Thomas Oboe (Yes … Oboe!) Lee’s work, Persephone, for oboe and orchestra. I’m enjoying it. I think and it’s accessible to the audience, and fun for the oboist, although I’ve not seen the score. You can visit Mr. Lee’s site here.

Waterfall, of A Sort of Notebook wrote to tell me of a search that landed someone at her site: “law and order svu oboe theme music”. I’ll confess to being a Law & Order fan (original, SVU and CI), but I can’t come up with any oboe theme so now I’m determined to watch it soon and see if there really IS an oboe theme. Anyone?

And Finally (if you’re lucky) … I saw a truck drivin’ man wearing a gas mask today. Does he know something I don’t know? Hmmm.

As I said … this was a true pattyramble™ of the purest sort.

(Addition: Whoa. Big fight out front of the Mission Cafe just now. I guess someone tried to steal the tip money, although I’m not entirely sure what happened, as I’m around the corner from the counter. A cop was right here though, so some guy is now on the ground out front with handcuffs on. With lots of police milling about. I had noticed, when I arrived, that there were a few guys here that looked and sounded like they were high on something. My heart is now beating very well.)