28. May 2006 · Comments Off on Done! · Categories: imported, Ramble

Yes, Cats is over. I don’t suffer as much withdrawal from a non-professional production—really none at all in this instance, although I’ll miss playing something—but I suspect Jameson is going through a little bit of what I do.

Still, he now knows what they are planning for next year so he can start obsessing over those musicals. The first semester brings Bye Bye Birdie which is a musical I’m pretty much unfamiliar with (why pay attention to something without oboe, eh?). The second is Fiddler on the Roof and I have very fond memories of that. I saw the movie when I was in high school (probably my freshman year) and I’ve played it at least two times, once with American Musical Theater of San Jose (back when they were still SJ Civic Light Opera I think) and then again with a tour that came through San Francisco. I love playing it … absolutely no stress and some little solos that are just fun to play. I may even join Jameson’s school again, although I suspect it conflicts with work … time will tell.

But I ramble. Why? Because I can. So there you go.

Scott, over at Musical Perceptions has a blog entry about music clichés in film. Fun to ponder, yes? Have any musician stereotypes to offer?

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