29. May 2006 · Comments Off on The Planet it Half Missing · Categories: Announcements, imported

Boring Stuff

Some of you use a speakeasy address to contact me, and this continues to work. But others use a planetmitchell address and for some unknown reason that is now down. If you’ve sent me anything recently it’s probably bounced back by now, so you already know things aren’t working. Because I get notification of comments via the planet address I’m currently not receiving notification of anything you’ve posted (although I’ve been checking to see if there are comments so I think I’ve caught them all). Of course if anyone new has tried to sign up as a member I doubt you’re receiving your password notification because I believe that goes through the planet. Very sorry!

This is a little bit of a bother, but since I do have a number of addresses, including the speakeasy one (oboe (at) speakeasy (dot) net) and my UCSC one, I think I’ll actually survive. My husband isn’t home from a skiing trip until later tonight, and he’s the miracle man who will, I hope, repair the problem. But just so you know, it really is best if you email me using the speakeasy address since it rarely has a problem.

(Oh … and if you’re wondering why I say the planet is “half missing” it’s because at least all our sites are still up and running! If those go down while Dan is away—and he does take a long trip every summer—I’m in very bad shape!)