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… and maybe not even dying?

Allan Kozinn tells us what he thinks about the death of classical music. Thoughts?

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I’m at “my” coffee shop in Santa Cruz. I haven’t been here for at least three weeks (horrors!) and it’s nice to be back.

But they are playing some sad music. So now I am sad. And I’m wondering, “Was I sad before the music began? Did the sad music only make me aware of my mood? Or did the sadness come as a result of the music?” I suppose if some really happy music came on and I changed moods I’d know it was purely music-induced. But once I’m in sadland I’m not sure it’s as easy to get out of it.

This isn’t a “bad sad”, by the way. It’s merely that sort of gentle sad that isn’t really miserable, but just there. So to my close family readers, never fear! I’ll be just fine, thank you! 🙂

Things are winding down. Opera San Jose is over (although why, oh why can’t we do a summer series?!). Symphony Silicon Valley is over. Cats is over. Schools are nearly finished too; including this week I only have two more weeks plus finals. Same as Jameson and Kelsey. Gee, could be even Dan has this same schedule, but I haven’t checked his finals schedule yet (I only check to see when he’s leaving, so I’ll know when something will go awry with the computers! Joking … sort of.)

I received the San Francisco Symphony season brochure for next year. I’ve thought about purchase a season ticket to the open dress rehearsals on Wednesdays, although I can’t really guarantee I’ll be able to attend them all. Still, I’m going to think on this a while. I can never buy season tickets to performances; not only can I not afford it, but I have too many conflicts. But Wednesday mornings? It just might work.

I finally exercised today and it was very difficult to get through the mere 25 minutes I chose to do on the elliptical machine. What a weakling I am. But at least I got there … right?

Still sad music here. No changes.

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As you get older, the assumption is you get wiser. I try to earn it by not staying still, not resting on laurels. A lot of people in other professions are retired at my age. I care about music more than ever.

-Lorin Maazel