The weather is so much better now. Whew! This means that I actually slept straight through the night. NIce.

I’ve painted my studio. I thought I’d just get started today—maybe do one wall or at least edge things. But the thing is, once I begin I may as well finish because I hate cleaning the roller and brush. So, aside from the touching up I’ll know I’ll have to do, the painting is done. I’m quite happy with the color, too! Wallpapering is next on the agenda.

Dan replaced the ceiling light. It’s amazing how something as simple as a ceiling light can change the way things look, you know?

And I have some new students! What great fun it is to get some new oboists in the studio. It’s even more fun to think they’ll actually really BE in a studio soon!

So lots of exciting news. Lots of good things going on around here.

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Every artist was first an amateur.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

I really should have thought to take a “before” picture of what will be my studio. But of course I didn’t. And it’s too late now! (When I know I have to do something with a room I usually do something to it that will force me to get to it. In this case it was ripping off the wallpaper border. I’ve also hauled out a ton of furniture and it’s sitting in the hallway which is quite inconvenient. (Yes, I do this all myself … call me muscles! I’ve been thinking, in fact, of dropping my exercise club membership since this sort of work really does qualify as exercise and I’m realizing I can’t continue to pay for the membership anyway.)

So you may get an “after” picture here, but that’s it. Oh well. There are still a few things in the room which don’t allow me to begin the work; Dan has a desk in the room that needs moving and I think it’s too heavy for yours truly. It’s also a nice piece of furniture (we don’t have much of that sort!) and I don’t want to damage it. And the ceiling light has to be changed because … well, this is going to sound very weird … it smells incredibly horrible after being on for about 10 minutes. I can’t work in the room without good light, so I need something up there. One thing I don’t (and won’t) do is any kind of work with electricity. I’m a wimp that way.

I’m also realizing that one thing leads to another. (Duh.) From the soon-to-be studio window I look out on ivy that is growing up the side of the house (I hate ivy!) and it’s nearly reached the window. Can’t have that! So perhaps this weekend (should it not be as hot) I’ll be working there too. (Another great way to get exercise, right?)

Today is my biggest teaching day, so it’s off to exercise (while I still have the membership I’d better use it!) and then it’s oboe time.

And about today’s MQOD: I’ve never heard Brahms’ Violin Concerto in an elevator. Have you?

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I can’t stand being in Chicago anymore and hearing the Brahms Violin Concerto in the elevator. Because that shows me that when they come to the concert hall they listen to it in the same way.

-Daniel Barenboim

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We were crazy to start with. All we had to do was learn the fingerings.

-Attributed to Robert Bloom, oboist

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I found wallpaper at a fabulous price today. (It was returned, so they were selling it at a very good price!) The background is very neutral, with thin gold stripes and a larger black stripe. (I was planning on choosing stripes because I’m not in the mood to do any matching of pattern at all. This should really be a breeze! I also think I’ve found the paint color I want. And I thought I found the carpet, but then I read up on it and found that it wouldn’t be a wise buy; apparently olefin is not a wise choice. I’ve also measured the room, and it seems that while the room is 10’5″ X 11’1″ I have to purchase by the yard. Rats. This means I have to go with 11 X 12.

But first things first. Painting is #1, wallpapering #2. Carpet is last on the list, and may not even be a possibility, what with no playing work and all.

It’s exciting to think about this room. It’s not exciting to think about the work.

And isn’t that life?

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because you did a search on

nude pics of patricia mitchell

Forget about it!
(There must be some famous Patricia Mitchell I’m unfamiliar with. Anyone want to enlighten me?)

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As I suspected, it wasn’t the conductor. But the whole plot was so … so … operatic.

Heh. So Law & Order: Criminal Intent is on right now. It begins with an opera singer singing some of Lucia di Lammermoor (with the flute … you know the part) at rehearsal. The conductor has a fit and says some ridiculous things and storms on to the stage. Then someone tells the orchestra that their break has been shortened. The conductor (acted by Julian Sands) is so bad it’s funny. The soprano is clearly lip syncing.

These folks need a musician to help them with this stuff. Badly.

(But I’m guessing they have someone already who is pretending to know about this biz.)

Silly TV. (And yeah, I’ll keep watching. I have to find out who murdered the soprano’s daughter—she was a violinist in the pit and of course that is so darn likely too, eh—during the break. Could it be her diva mom, who clearly thought only of herself? Or the conductor who is obviously an absolute nut case? Well … with those two being obvious, it’s gotta be someone else. Right? … although they are making the conductor such a jerk who knows?)

“Laura joined the orchestra … her bowing was strong … she could break your heart.”

Yeah, that’s a quote … or close to a quote (I don’t type fast enough nor do I have a good enough memory for words to get it exactly right … from the show. Heh.

Just some other little quotes:

“Musicians and singers keep to themselves.”
“Her music was her life. Her joys, her sorrows. They were in every note she played.”
“A biography of Isaac Stern and the Musicians’ Union handbook.” (The only items in the murdered violinist’s locker. Yeah. That’s us! But, then again, the handbook has now become a clue to the murder.)

(I wish I’d recorded this one; episodes about music are pretty darn priceless!)

“Fearsome Phil” is the conductor’s name. He promised the murdered girl a “first violin” position. Yeah. They do that in union orchestras. Rigggghhhht. (I have a feeling they mean “concertmaster” too, but I can’t be sure.)

Heh … the conductor just said he could point his baton at any woman in the audience and have her. He said this to the cops. Sure. He’s rude to the investigators too. He’s dumb enough to say these things. Sure.

And why is John-Boy advertising expensive cars these days. Huh? Huh?

Sorry … this is how low I sink sometimes. Can you deal?

Stay tuned, unless you want to watch the show yourself sometime and don’t want to know who did the deed.

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Well, well, well … do the Giants deliberately lose just to make me sad? I wonder.

And I was rereading my last entry and in reading what I cut and pasted from another site …:

An Oboe has a special sound all unto it’s own that creates a feeling no other instrument can.

Heh … so not only do they write weirdly, they write poorly. C’mon folks: it’s=it is. Figure it out. It’s easy.

And yeah, I realize they aren’t saying an oboe is a form of music, but that oboe music is somehow a form of music. And I’m guessing what they are saying is really this:

Oboe is far superior to all other instruments. It can be more expressive than anything else, and yet can still be witty , fanciful, march like and, well, do anything any other instrument can do … only better! So choose a fine oboist for your next event and you will be more than happy. Your life will change. You will become whole. And you’ll understand the meaning of life.

I suppose I ought to offer my writing expertise to the company who was promoting the every-so-fab oboe!

But moving on …I have to say that playing for church today was really good for my heart.