06. June 2006 · Comments Off on Say What? · Categories: imported, Ramble

Landed here on a google search:

  • free trips to learn to play the oboe (I haven’t a clue what that means!)
  • clubbing news (Because we oboists are big on clubbing.)
  • Where are lists of double reed supplies
  • (Well, if you are looking for suppliers that’s here and if you are looking for a list of supplies I have a somewhat minimal list here.)

  • stuck swab (Sigh. Yes, that happens. I suppose I should take a picture of my swab remover device. It’s a handy tool to own!)
  • recorder instructors Brooklyn (Sorry. Can’t help there.)
  • salary professional orchestra (Depends upon the orchestra. The biggies make a living. The rest don’t. It’s still a great gig and life!)
  • getting a crown numb tongue (Didn’t get one from a crown, but I did have one for four months due to a shot coming too close to a nerve. Scary stuff.)
  • does Spike Lee have a website (Heck if I know!)
  • Now the majority of folks landing here are doing searches on names of double reed players, or searches for quotes. They land here because of my pages on double reed musicians and my list of quotes. Go figure.

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