It appears that Delta is not a great way for musicians fly; they are not allowing musicians to bring their very expensive instruments (including, from what I’ve read, Stradivarius violins!) on board. Cellists expect to pay for an extra seat if they don’t have one of those heavy duty cases that can actually take the abuse of those who throw our luggage under the plane. Players of other, even larger instruments often have incredibly indestructible cases. Their instruments, after all, can’t fit under a seat or in the overhead. But oboes? Clarinets? Violins? Hmm. Seems hard to believe, but I guess Delta is fearful of our deadly instruments.

Now I agree that an oboe can be deadly … but only when played by a bad player, and it has to come out of the case to be used as that sort of weapon!

Pretty stupid move from Delta, don’t you think? The AF of M has recommended we boycott the airline. Hmmm. It’s really not a boycott—it’s simply not a possible airline for anyone who is toting an instrument.

10. June 2006 · Comments Off on MQOD · Categories: imported, Quotes

The century of airplanes has a right to its own music.

-Claude Debussy