15. June 2006 · Comments Off on Last Day · Categories: imported, Ramble

Today is my last day at Santa Clara University for this school year. I have already finished up at UCSC. This year has sped by. I hate to be so typical and sound so cliché, but it’s true that time passes quicker every year. I remember those elementary school days; it seemed like a day would never end, much less a week, a month and a year. Now? I just can’t keep up.

The good news is that this means the next school year, opera and symphony seasons will be here before I know it. (Along with paychecks!) Right? I’m hoping ….

So what to do? I should try and enjoy my summer, and my time off, don’tcha think? I should be taking advantage of all the free (free meaning I not only don’t have jobs, I also don’t have money, but oh well) time. Could I even manage to get the studio space I have planned for Kelsey’s room up and running? I sure hope so. I’ve dreamt about having my own teaching space for years. I know my family and students would appreciate it too. So it’s time to hop to it and pull out the paint brush and roller, and see if I can find affordable carpet (I can’t imagine living with what is on the floor and surely I can find something that’s not too expensive). If I manage to do this I’ll try and remember to take before and after pictures. Time will tell.

And of course I continue to teach privately, although a number of students desert me, leaving me lonely and sad go out of town for the summer. I do have a few new students for the summer, and I’m thrilled! I love introducing the “newbies” to the oboe; some put their instruments together for the first time in my presence. Some (many) make their first sounds at their first lesson with me, too. It’s such fun! So welcome to you new ones and here’s to an exciting oboe adventure this summer and, I hope, for many years to come. The only thing I don’t enjoy a whole lot is losing my high school graduates when they move on to college, but this year I don’t have any. Yay!

However I have to say farewell to Madeline Biddle from SCU. Madeline, it’s been such a joy to teach you for these past four years. I hope you enjoy the lovely, rainy and green city of Washington! Please keep in touch, and when you become an opera star don’t forget the lowly oboe teacher. 🙂

And I also have to say goodbye to UCSC grad student Sara Hancock. At least as a student. I do hope, though, that you’ll keep in touch, Sara. You know I’m only a drive over the hill, and of course you can also visit when I’m on campus. Any time you feel the urge to play a duet, you know who to call, and I’m guessing we’ll work together again soon. Happy oboing to you … and brava on a job well done! You’ve grown so much as an oboist, and it’s been an honor to be your teacher.