20. June 2006 · Comments Off on Not Yet · Categories: imported, Ramble

No jury duty today. I checked in this morning (after a lovely dental appointment where I was informed that I will, once again, be crowned) and now I’m to check in again after 5:00. I hope hope hope hope hope that this means I’ll get to teach my students tomorrow.

As to the dentist; the last time I went in I was just sure I’d have to have a crown done and I was wrong. So this time I thought, “Well, he can probably do what he did last time, which really was not bad at all.” And I’m wrong again. I liked being wrong the last time. I do not like being wrong this time. Sigh.

Having had two crowns done already I know what a joy they are. I also know what a wreck I’ll be for the remainder of the day. AND I know I will feel no more royal than I feel now.


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