23. June 2006 · Comments Off on Done · Categories: imported, Ramble

“You are excused. You are entitled to a one year exemption. Thank you for your service.”

So there you go. Checking the website twice each day, not knowing if I could go anywhere, and I was never called. Now that it’s over I do my typical pattything™ and think, “Well, gee, I think I would have made a great juror, and it would have been sort of fun to be in on a case.”

Yeah. I’m weird that way.

In BookLand News …
The program I use for my book records links to Amazon and gives me a value for most of the books I own (some are not on file, usually because they are too old I guess). They suggest that two of my oboe books are worth hundreds of dollars. Heh. I have a sneakin’ suspicion they are wrong. But if anyone wants to buy Oboe Reed Styles for $499 I guess I’d be willing to part with it! 😉

Because of that, though, I’m going to go back through to the bags of books I’m dumping to see if there’s anything there I should actually be saving. One thing this program can’t do, though, is give me a value for an autographed book. Of course I’ve read that most autographs don’t make a difference in value, but I would still like to check and see if some books change in value due to one (say, for instance, Stories of Ray Bradbury).

Books, I am being reminded, love dust. Skin does not love dust. I can’t believe how dirty some are, and how hard all of this work is on my hands. I guess it’s good that I have no work right now, eh? (I’m trying—ever so hard—to look on the bright side of having no jobs.)

As my husband observed, I’m in cleaning mode right now. Lack of work, hot days, and a messy, cluttered house all contributed to this. I’m bagging and boxing and throwing things away. I like to do this, but I always have to be careful; I tend to want or need something about a week after I get rid of it. Still, there’s something so freeing about getting rid of things. And I do love a clean house! It runs a close second to loving a good reed.

But cleaning a house is much easier and more likely for this OboeReedKiller™.