25. June 2006 · Comments Off on More · Categories: imported, Ramble

Well, well, well … do the Giants deliberately lose just to make me sad? I wonder.

And I was rereading my last entry and in reading what I cut and pasted from another site …:

An Oboe has a special sound all unto it’s own that creates a feeling no other instrument can.

Heh … so not only do they write weirdly, they write poorly. C’mon folks: it’s=it is. Figure it out. It’s easy.

And yeah, I realize they aren’t saying an oboe is a form of music, but that oboe music is somehow a form of music. And I’m guessing what they are saying is really this:

Oboe is far superior to all other instruments. It can be more expressive than anything else, and yet can still be witty , fanciful, march like and, well, do anything any other instrument can do … only better! So choose a fine oboist for your next event and you will be more than happy. Your life will change. You will become whole. And you’ll understand the meaning of life.

I suppose I ought to offer my writing expertise to the company who was promoting the every-so-fab oboe!

But moving on …I have to say that playing for church today was really good for my heart.

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