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We were crazy to start with. All we had to do was learn the fingerings.

-Attributed to Robert Bloom, oboist

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I found wallpaper at a fabulous price today. (It was returned, so they were selling it at a very good price!) The background is very neutral, with thin gold stripes and a larger black stripe. (I was planning on choosing stripes because I’m not in the mood to do any matching of pattern at all. This should really be a breeze! I also think I’ve found the paint color I want. And I thought I found the carpet, but then I read up on it and found that it wouldn’t be a wise buy; apparently olefin is not a wise choice. I’ve also measured the room, and it seems that while the room is 10’5″ X 11’1″ I have to purchase by the yard. Rats. This means I have to go with 11 X 12.

But first things first. Painting is #1, wallpapering #2. Carpet is last on the list, and may not even be a possibility, what with no playing work and all.

It’s exciting to think about this room. It’s not exciting to think about the work.

And isn’t that life?