The weather is so much better now. Whew! This means that I actually slept straight through the night. NIce.

I’ve painted my studio. I thought I’d just get started today—maybe do one wall or at least edge things. But the thing is, once I begin I may as well finish because I hate cleaning the roller and brush. So, aside from the touching up I’ll know I’ll have to do, the painting is done. I’m quite happy with the color, too! Wallpapering is next on the agenda.

Dan replaced the ceiling light. It’s amazing how something as simple as a ceiling light can change the way things look, you know?

And I have some new students! What great fun it is to get some new oboists in the studio. It’s even more fun to think they’ll actually really BE in a studio soon!

So lots of exciting news. Lots of good things going on around here.


  1. i’ve been reading your journal for a few days… i found you quite
    randomly, but i just wanted to let you know i’m here enjoying what you
    have to say.  i play(ed) oboe too, for almost 10 years… i still
    CAN play, I’m just not sure I’ll have any more opportunities since I
    don’t own an instrument.  Anyway, good luck with your REAL STUDIO
    (I know my voice teacher in high school got REALLY excited when she got
    one, so I understand) and keep the writing up!:)


  2. Patricia Mitchell

    How nice of you to drop me a note, Courtney. I’m sorry you aren’t able to continue playing, and hope you someday find yourself an oboe. It could happen … yes?