So I wallpapered tonight! I don’t think I did a professional job, but I’m not a professional wallpaperer (not a word, I know!), so there you go.


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I’ve been surprised recently by what I read at some people’s blogs, and what they will say in their away message on Instant Message. Telling us that you are drunk but have work soon might be impressive to some, but not to all. Writing about an organization you work for in a negative way (I’m not talking anonymous blogs; those are another story all together and I’m not going into that for now) seems somewhat foolish. People read. Some people read and, being the unkind sort, contact employers or parents or someone else and it might cause you trouble.

So advice from an old lady:

  • If you are drunk, don’t tell me! Don’t tell the world, either. If you say “I’m tipsy right now and I have work soon … well … it doesn’t put you in such a good light, you know?
  • If you hate your employer, don’t say so on a public blog.
  • If you think your employer made a foolish or unfair decision, keep it to yourself, or tell the employer to his or her face … don’t “safely blog” about it instead. Because there is no safety in blogging!
  • When a colleague does something you think isn’t great, you might think twice before writing about it.
  • Anyone want to join in with other bits of advice? Sure ya do!

    Maybe I’m paranoid. But I don’t think so. I just think one has to be cautious about what one says on a blog that can be read by anyone. As I’ve said before, and have told my students, act as if whatever you write is posted on billboards throughout the world. Because it could eventually seem just like that. All it takes is one person blogging about your blog, who then is blogged about by a few other bloggers … you get the picture.

    Just a gentle word of caution is all. Just because. 🙂

    Have I been foolish in blogging? You bet. I sometimes reveal too much about my insecurities. I need to be more careful. There’s this part of me that just really wants readers to know that even after more than thirty years in the business I can get a case of nerves, I can make blunders, and I can do stupid things. But that could, I’m sure, turn off some employers. So I have to remind myself of my words of advice as well.

    Which might explain why I often talk to myself.

    Or not.

    I remember reading an article about how performers often do a disservice to their audience by revealing mistakes, or by letting them know how disappointed they were in their performance. I think, in this day of blogs, we have to watch what we write … we could easily do our audience a disservice on our blogs. I suspect I have.

    But enough of that!

    Good News
    My foot is feeling better. (Don’t know what I’m yakking about? Go here.) I was able to drive to church without much pain. I managed, babying the foot, mind you, to prepare one studio wall for wallpaper. And I even watched the Giants beat the Padres. Woo hoo!