So I wallpapered tonight! I don’t think I did a professional job, but I’m not a professional wallpaperer (not a word, I know!), so there you go.



  1. Oh, I love!  This makes me want to take Pattyoboe lessons.

    Really, that’s a nice looking studio.  Your students are going to be so excited.  🙂

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    And wait until I get the new carpet and move the piano into it’s little cove area! I’ll also be bringing in my oboe desk, stand and chairs of course, and then I want to save up for some sort of modular units that will allow me to store books, knick knacks, and CDs. I know what I want but I have to find them somewhere. (And, of course, I have to save up money to be able to purchase them!)

    I also plan on framing Kelsey’s pictures, and have purchased two other cool works, and I’ll rotate art on the walls.

    I’m excited! (But feeling somewhat poor too. Heh. Isn’t that the way it goes?)