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The studio is ready. I mean … as ready as it can be since I can’t get carpet yet. I’ve painted. I’ve wallpapered. Dan has put in a nice ceiling light. I’ve cleaned the carpet as much as I can without getting it professionally cleaned. (Hmmm. Maybe I should?) I’ve even touched up my paint job as I’ve found “holidays” (those spots you miss just a little, you know?). The closet has shelving and I’ve moved in some of my books, as well as other music items that will make their home there.

I measured and plotted the room out on paper. The I measured all the furniture that will be moving into the room, and cut out pieces of paper so that I can play around with placement.

You know what?

The room is small.

It looks much bigger empty. Funny how that works.

The piano will fit very well into the cove, though. The oboe desk can go in one of two places, one appealing to me more because no one would see it from the hallway and, well, you know how oboe desks can look! I’ve ordered a Crate & Barrel puzzle bookcase which will go against the wallpapered wall. It will hold some of my music and art books, as well as some artwork.

Today I took the glider rocking chair we’ve had for 24 years to an upholstery shop to have it reupholstered. It will look great, I know. It will be my comfy chair, in my comfy room where I not only plan to teach and practice but relax. It will be, as well, the place where any parent who insists on staying for lessons will sit. (Yes, dear parents, I do put it that way! As I’ve said before, I like you to visit on occasion, but I think students benefit from having you gone sometimes, too!). The glider is one that my mother-in-law purchased for us when we were expecting our first child. I suspect I could have bought a new chair and maybe even saved a bit of money (who knows?) but this one holds a whole lot of memories and rocked three babies of mine! And … well … what’s money anyway?

I sure don’t know; I’ve spent all that I had! 🙂

But anyway, the room really is ready for move in time. But now I think I’ll wait. The bookshelves can be picked up (to be put together, of course) in about a week and a half. The rocker in two weeks. So part of me doesn’t really want to move in yet; I want it all to be done at once. Is that silly?

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