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I’ve never seen (or read) anything like this before. Much of it has to do with the newness of blogging, but still … the number of posts about Lorrie Hunt is simply incredible. Of course it doesn’t bring her back. And the posts will eventually stop. But it says quite a lot, I believe, about what an incredible person she was.

Blog Posts:

Iron Tongue of Midnight (Where I first read the sad news.)
Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise
The Standing Room
Vissi d’Amore
Sounds & Fury
Night After Night
LIfe and Times of a Music Dork
vilaine fille
About Last Night
Prima la musica
My Favorite Intermissions
the concert
On An Overgrown Path
Vissi d’Amore
Classical Life
hella frisch
Monotonous Forest
music (Dan Mitchell)
Cue Sheet
Sequenza21 (Jerry Bowles)
An Unamplified Voice
Rosenkavalier817’s Blah Blog
Vissi d’Amore
Jessica Duchen’s classical music blog
Life and Times of a Music Dork
Paul Viapiano
St. Boltoph’s Town
Vissi d’Amore
Cue Sheet
Night after Night

In addition, there is this article by Normal Lebrecht, a lovely article by Tim Page, the New York Times’ article by Anthony Tommasini, and a very moving tribute by David Patrick Stearns.

What a tribute, don’t you think?

I don’t put all of this up here to wallow; I thought perhaps some readers here might not have links to all these blogs, and might want to read what others have to say. If anyone has more links for me to list, feel free to let me know at oboe (at) speakeasy (dot) com.

This world so wide suddenly feels very small to me. I think that that is one result of so many with like interests who blog from all corners.

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