07. July 2006 · Comments Off on Well, What Else WOULD He Say? · Categories: imported, Ramble

I read this article and it made me laugh.

It begins with this:

Boston Pops conductor Keith Lockhart says he had no doubt James Levine, music director of the Boston Symphony Orchestra who is set to return to performing this week, would bounce back from shoulder surgery.

“He’s a very determined man. I wouldn’t bet against him,” Lockhart said of Levine, who also is music director of the Metropolitan Opera.

Heh. Right. Like what else would he say? Something like, “Well, I think he’ll never get it back and they ought to put me in his place” maybe? Or “Gee, I hope he can conduct, but maybe we’ve seen the last of his work” … might that be his comment?

Not that I’m suggesting he shouldn’t or can’t come back. From everything I hear people are missing him at the opera (I’ve not read about folks who go to the symphony.) So I’m assuming everyone wants him back.

The article ends with this (about Levine):

When taking curtain calls after performances, his face has been red and filled with perspiration.

Does a face get filled with perspiration, or is it covered with perspiration? I’m going to ponder this all night. Probably won’t sleep a wink.

In Other News
I am managing to get my carpet clean enough that I can live with it. Amazing what one can do when one has no money, yes? Of course now that the room is nearly finished, I want to move on to new projects and next in line is our hallway. It clashes horribly with the studio, and we just can’t have that! So Dan needs to get in on the action and choose a color (or non-color?) that works well with his photography which is featured in the hallway.

When I’m not busy playing jobs I really need some household projects. Not having playing work makes me feel, somehow, as if I have less value. Getting things done in the house makes me feel a little better. (So Dan, help me pick the paint please!)

Now back to the Giants game. (Tied with the Big Bad Blue Dodgers, 6-6, bottom of the 7th.)