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Searches that caused me to pause for a moment …

  • BBC movie about Polish mine (Don’t have a clue, sorry.)
  • storyline behind musical CATS (Hah … forget about it!)
  • bridal make up (Say WHAT?! I’m an oboe player. Do we even do make up?)
  • how to destroy an opera career and be happy (Awww. I’m sorry.)
  • misquotes music charms beast breast (It’s breast, folks.)
  • will playing oboe ruin my bassoon embouchure (Well, I know crazy people who play both, but would a normal person want to? I don’t think it would harm your embouchure, though.)
  • All the other searches are just the typical boring ones; searches on all things oboe, searching for auditions and, of course, searches on names. Lots and lots and lots of names! (I think a lot of people do searches on themselves.)

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    I like to listen to singers where I feel the direct openness of the heart in the voice. They say the eyes are the windows of the soul. You could say that the voice is the music of the soul.

    -Lorraine Hunt Lieberson