08. July 2006 · Comments Off on Just a Few Who Landed Here In the Past 24 Hours · Categories: imported, Ramble

Searches that caused me to pause for a moment …

  • BBC movie about Polish mine (Don’t have a clue, sorry.)
  • storyline behind musical CATS (Hah … forget about it!)
  • bridal make up (Say WHAT?! I’m an oboe player. Do we even do make up?)
  • how to destroy an opera career and be happy (Awww. I’m sorry.)
  • misquotes music charms beast breast (It’s breast, folks.)
  • will playing oboe ruin my bassoon embouchure (Well, I know crazy people who play both, but would a normal person want to? I don’t think it would harm your embouchure, though.)
  • All the other searches are just the typical boring ones; searches on all things oboe, searching for auditions and, of course, searches on names. Lots and lots and lots of names! (I think a lot of people do searches on themselves.)

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