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But soon, I promise!

The bookshelves arrived sooner than I expected, and I managed to put them all together today. Jameson helped me with the first one, but I did all the rest by myself. I feel like a kid who just learned to tie her shoes or something … I rarely do so much on my own. Painting. Wallpapering. Tons and tons of moving. And now puzzle bookshelves put together. Nearly all on my own. (Dan bolted the bookshelves to the wall … thanks, Dan!) Oh, and I moved my oboe desk into the room all on my own strength. Woo hoo!

Next thing you know, I’ll make an oboe reed all by myself. Oh. Wait. I’ve done that. 😉

Anyway, the “boys” (Dan and Jameson) moved the piano into the room today, after I finished the bookshelves. As it turns out—and pianists all over the world will rejoice—the piano isn’t going in its cove but is, instead, on the wallpapered wall. Yes, I know it shouldn’t have gone in the cove in the first place. It’s just that I like things to fit really well and it fit into that cove. Ah well. It’s better for sound on the other wall, and the bookshelves just look much better in the cove. So there you go!

Our living room is suddenly and most wonderfully spacious. I thought we might eventually need to buy some sort of low shelving for the now empty wall, but I like the way it looks, and Dan’s photography will show very well there.

It’s good to have this done today; tomorrow I have the joy of getting crown work done. Such delight! I suppose while I’m busy feeling sorry for myself in the afternoon I’ll work on filing music and books.

OH … and good news! … I was hired for a job next Sunday. This is my one and only playing job this summer. It’s an outdoor job, but whatever. It’s work. Work is good. Work is great, really.

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