Someone asked a group I belong to this question:

Does anyone know of a classical piece that has a story attached to it about sneaking a person into or out of a place?

She later elaborated on this with:

I’m hoping to find a story that is ABOUT the sneaking itself – or at least it’s a major part of the plot. Not merely an event that happens in passing. Perhaps I should further add, if it involves either kidnapping or rescuing, that would be a plus.

… so … anyone want to offer up a suggestion or two?


  1. If I remember my music history correctly, Beethoven’s Fidelio involves some sneaking and rescuing. Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro has a shorter sneaking scene in Act II, with Cherubino hiding in a closet and then jumping out of a window. I don’t know if opera is what she’s looking for, but those two came to mind quickly.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Yes … those might work. I wonder if she is thinking there is a smaller work that will fit her requirements. I’m sure not coming up with anything, though!

    Thanks much!