For those of you who are listening, or listened, to Open Source today, I wrote about Lorraine Hunt Lieberson here. I also compiled a list of bloggers who wrote about her after her death.

I just wanted to be sure and post this so you wouldn’t waste your time on my other somewhat silly rambling. (Of course you are all quite welcome to stick around; I love meeting new readers … and reeders.)

I have to be very clear so I make no claims on Ms. Lieberson; we were acquaintances back in college, and in the now defunct San Jose Symphony as well as the Midsummer Mozart Festival Orchestra. I was, at that time, in awe of her, mostly for her beauty and earthy qualities and for the mystery that seemed, to me, to be behind those eyes of hers. But we weren’t close, and I don’t want anyone to think I’m making a friendship claim that isn’t true.

But, having read so many blogs, I think she dragged a whole lot of us in with her voice, and I haven’t experienced that with anyone else. Ever.


  1. It was so nice to hear your voice, Patty! 

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    I sure wish I had heard YOURS … my oboe student arrived quite early and I had to turn the show off. Rats. I wonder if they have it archived. I want to hear what you had to say!

    What a loss this death was for everyone though. I ache terribly for her family.