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So I read this:

The orchestra’s principal oboist, Conall McClure, says posture is vital. “If you want a big, open, free sound you need a conductor who stands there with an open body.”

And I immediately had this image of a conductor sliced open.

Sorry, folks. Maybe it’s the knife-wielding reed maker in me. I honestly do get along with conductors just fine. For the most part. There have been a few … but you don’t need me to go there now, do you?

But back to the article, which is what this post was supposed to be about!

Here’s another quote for you:

Physical communication can also be negative. Performers love Italian conductor Carlo Felice Cillario for his musicality, but his body language can be inflammatory .”One time he didn’t like one of the singers so he whipped off his shoe and had a bit of a sniff of it and put it back on,” says McClure. “He also holds his nose and pulls an [imaginary] chain.”

Oh my! Pretty bad, that.

Toward the end there’s this:

All conductors have one thing in common: they don’t make any sound during performances.

Well … if I had my way that would always be true, but I’ve heard conductors make noise, and sometimes you can hear well known conductors making noise on recordings. So that’s simply incorrect.

15. July 2006 · Comments Off on As I read this … · Categories: imported, Ramble

… my heart skipped a beat, just as the writer’s heart did when she read something else.

It is really something, how many people Lorraine Hunt Lieberson touched, you know?

And then life goes on for the rest of us. Reeds must be made. (No, I’ve been a very naughty girl!) Practicing should be done. (Yes, I’ve done this.) Jobs will be played. (Yay for tomorrow, although I hear it’ll be mighty hot.) Students have been and will be taught. (Moving backward, I had two this morning, one each on the past two days, four on Wednesday and three on Tuesday; it’s been a wonderful teaching week, and next week another student returns from her hiatus.) The new studio is so great for everyone concerned. I can’t believe I took this long to get it set up, but I’m slow that way.

Along with all of this I’ve been visiting with my family. My “Germany brother” (what I tend to call him when I tell friends of his arrival so he’s not confused with the “Brooklyn brother”) was here this past week with some of his family. It was great to see them all, along with my parents and sister (those three live right here in town). It was especially fun to go up to the ballpark and watch the Giants win a game yesterday with some of the gang. (But please don’s ask me about today’s game results. Sigh.)

Now it’s feet up time. I’m a weary girl, as I’ve continued to work on the studio to get it just right.