These aren’t as good as Dan’s, but he took some pictures before I put up pictures and finished arranging the bookcase. So anyway, the following are pictures of the room as it is now.



The cross stitch picture is one I did years ago; I can no longer do this craft because of hand woes. I had wanted to hang this somewhere, but it’s definitely a “me” picture and not one that represents the whole family … so now I can finally hang it and enjoy it!



Ugh. Not very focussed … sorry. I’m definitely not the photographer in the family!

So there you have it! My very own space, for my very own students. Cool, eh?

I still have a rocker that is supposed to fit in this room; I’m not absolutely certain it will, nor do I know if I’ll want it in there. I have a feeling it will feel awfully cramped. But time will tell. If I had been wiser, I would have waited to finish the room before having the chair reupholstered. Ah well. I work on wisdom, but I have a long journey ahead before I reach anything near it! 🙂

It’s heating up again—I had thought that it would be cooler today, but things aren’t looking promising. I’m happy to report that the studio doesn’t get as warm as the living room, where I used to teach. So isn’t that nice?

Yes. Yes it is very nice.

(I like to answer my own questions. I’m funny that way, aren’t I? Yes. Yes, I am.)


  1. Oh, Patty, it’s a lovely studio.  I love the bookshelf nook and the art (and the wallpaper and… well, everything).  Have you had any lessons in there yet?  Have your students ooh-ed and ahh-ed along with practiced harder to be worthy of the new digs?  😉

    Seriously, it’s great.  Thanks for keeping us updated on it all.  The cross-stitch caught my eye with the grapes and I can’t quite make out the verse.  If you get around to it, would you fill us in?  I can make it out clearly to the third line “who has” but I’m lost after that for the most part…

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Yep … students have been in, and are enjoying it! I think it’s especially nice for the ones who are a bit intimidated by a 6 foot something 17 year old boy who walks through the living room on occasion.

    As far as practicing … well … I can tell you the students sure did a good job today! Now I’m even feeling like I might want to practice the PIANO so I can accompany them on simple things. Time will tell!

    The words on the picture are:

    Blessed Are You
    Lord Our God
    King of the Universe
    Who has Withheld nothing
    From Your World:
    And has Created Therein
    Beautiful Creatures
    And Goodly Trees
    For the enjoyment of