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This is what comes from this silly brain when, at 10:05, it’s still so blasted hot! 😉

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I’ve always wondered why I spend so many lonely, lonely nights here at home. And just now I read this:

Born in Chicago and raised in Tulsa, Okla., Graae originally wanted to be a professional oboe player but was bitten by the acting bug and switched career focus at a young age. He says he was extremely shy as a kid, calling himself an “oboe nerd.” He recalls, “The first time I thought all the popular kids might accept me was when I played in Sweeney Todd [the melodrama, not the musical] as a sophomore in high school, playing the drunken reverend who gets sliced and sent down the chute. All of a sudden, these crew people were noticing me and inviting me to parties. I thought, ‘This is for me,’ and threw away my oboe forever.”

Ah-hah! And there it is.

I suppose I should try my hand (or my vocal cords*) at singing, eh? Then I just might party hearty!

Or … perhaps not. After all 1) I’m not a singer and 2) I’m really not into parties.

Whew. (For both you and me!)

*A common and, from what I recently read, now somewhat approved misspelling is “vocal chords” … but I’m not going there. So sorry.

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Did you know that if you have a carpet that you are trying to clean, and you use a variety of cleaning agents, and you are vigorous in your cleaning, and you scrub and scrub, and you manage to actually get some spots out that you thought would never leave …

… that you also might ruin the carpet?! Did you know that you might cause that circle of gunk that was once a mod podged spot to stretch and no longer stay flush to the floor?

Did you? Huh? Huh?

I sure didn’t!

So oh well. The majority of the carpet looks pretty darn good in the studio. There’s just these few spots that didn’t come out, and one rather largish section that is now stretched and buckling and … well … a basket I use to hold magazines has a special little place to rest now.

Still, I continue to be happy that I didn’t immediately replace this old carpet; what I had chosen would have been too close to the color of the walls and would definitely have made the room far too dark and far too boring. So I’m looking on the bright side. In more ways than one.

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This morning I became even more regal than I already was; I went to the dentist to get crowned once again. This makes three crowns in this little mouth ‘o mine. I suspect this means that folks will bow (or curtsey if that’s their thing) before me and bring me stuff (food, wine, a tiara …?).

Hmmm. I’m still waiting.

As I was killing time before being led to that chair of pain and torture (yes, I have a problem with the dentist!) I picked up San Jose Magazine. This mag seems to be geared toward people with a whole lot more money than I have, and doesn’t have much for me to read. There are lots of ads, though. You know … ads for Bentleys and Rolexes, Luxury homes and jewelry … things I don’t usually never buy. And there are lots of pictures of doctors, lawyers and realtors and people like that. (Do people subscribe to this, or is it handed out to offices of these various professions? I wonder.)

Anyway, there’s a section on the top 100 most powerful people in Silicon Valley. In the arts I see some familiar names (Yay, for Irene Dalis!), and of course I recognize some of the political folks as well. I normally would skip over the whole article. Well, okay, I’d normally not read this magazine at all; I’m more of a book person. But when you are stuck in a dentist’s chair and you didn’t bring your book you read things you wouldn’t normally read. Or at least I do. So I went ahead and read about the power arts folks (listed first!) and then moved on to the rest ‘o the people. Know what I noticed? A lot of folks said that they wished they could sing or play a musical instrument when asked “What talent do you wish you had?”. These are, mostly, folks with available money for private lessons. So I think they should all take up oboe.

See … I know this person who has a newly put together oboe studio ….