21. July 2006 · Comments Off on By The Way · Categories: imported, Ramble

Did you know that if you have a carpet that you are trying to clean, and you use a variety of cleaning agents, and you are vigorous in your cleaning, and you scrub and scrub, and you manage to actually get some spots out that you thought would never leave …

… that you also might ruin the carpet?! Did you know that you might cause that circle of gunk that was once a mod podged spot to stretch and no longer stay flush to the floor?

Did you? Huh? Huh?

I sure didn’t!

So oh well. The majority of the carpet looks pretty darn good in the studio. There’s just these few spots that didn’t come out, and one rather largish section that is now stretched and buckling and … well … a basket I use to hold magazines has a special little place to rest now.

Still, I continue to be happy that I didn’t immediately replace this old carpet; what I had chosen would have been too close to the color of the walls and would definitely have made the room far too dark and far too boring. So I’m looking on the bright side. In more ways than one.

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