21. July 2006 · Comments Off on Why I Never Get Asked to Parties · Categories: imported, Ramble

I’ve always wondered why I spend so many lonely, lonely nights here at home. And just now I read this:

Born in Chicago and raised in Tulsa, Okla., Graae originally wanted to be a professional oboe player but was bitten by the acting bug and switched career focus at a young age. He says he was extremely shy as a kid, calling himself an “oboe nerd.” He recalls, “The first time I thought all the popular kids might accept me was when I played in Sweeney Todd [the melodrama, not the musical] as a sophomore in high school, playing the drunken reverend who gets sliced and sent down the chute. All of a sudden, these crew people were noticing me and inviting me to parties. I thought, ‘This is for me,’ and threw away my oboe forever.”

Ah-hah! And there it is.

I suppose I should try my hand (or my vocal cords*) at singing, eh? Then I just might party hearty!

Or … perhaps not. After all 1) I’m not a singer and 2) I’m really not into parties.

Whew. (For both you and me!)

*A common and, from what I recently read, now somewhat approved misspelling is “vocal chords” … but I’m not going there. So sorry.

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