I had a new student scheduled to arrive at 4:00 today. At 4:35 I finally called to see what was up. The mom, who had called, scheduled the appointment, and got directions to the house wasn’t there. The man I’m assuming was her dad said her mom had work and probably forgot. Hmmm. Very odd. I asked him to have her go to my site, click on the email address, and email me. She never did.

I finally called a few minutes ago … the mom said, “We aren’t going to take lessons. I can’t drive to your house.”

Now why in the world wouldn’t she have called me before the scheduled lesson and cancel so I didn’t wait around?

That’s pretty frustrating and, it seems, just a tad rude.

But I lead the life of a music teacher. While the income seems somewhat guaranteed, it’s really not. Especially since I charge per week rather than per month. I just can’t see charging per month; I have conflicts at times, and I don’t want to be “owing” lessons. I ask students to be flexible because of my performance schedule, and so I want to be just as flexible for them!

But just not showing up is just not right. Don’t you agree?

And please note: I would never write anything negative about a student that I teach. I’m only writing about a student I won’t be teaching because … well … to vent. The only things I write about students I have is GOOD NEWS! I also never mention names unless I get permission, although once I get that permission I love to post kudos to students who have done something notable.

For instance, I had a new student this morning. She was wonderful and it was a joy to meet and work with her. I haven’t asked her about putting her name here yet, but she knows who she is! 🙂


  1. terminaldegree

    I hate those no-shows. I finally started sending invoices for cancelled appointments with no notice, just on the principle of the thing. And what do you know, I once got a check–and an apology. It’s worth a try.

    Some people are very inconsiderate. Glad you got a GOOD student though!

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    I’ve had students forget, but this was a first for me; a mother arranging a very first lesson, not showing, and then saying “never mind”! Hmmm. Maybe what I need to do is ask for payment in advance of the first lesson? Did you send the invoice to someone brand new?

    Thing is, I don’t even have the address for these folks. Ah well. I got a good bit of practicing in! 🙂

  3. terminaldegree

    I’ve never asked for payment in advance, because the no-show doesn’t happen very often, luckily. But yes, I’ve sent an invoice to a brand-new student who didn’t show (or who cancelled 20 minutes after the lesson should have started). And once I got paid!