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A lot of people have the idea that classical musicians are smart. Some think we are intellectual giants. (Well, until you read this blog, eh?!) I don’t like destroying our grand image, but I have to tell you it simply isn’t true.

Now some of my classical pals are brilliant. Many, in fact. But I recall carpooling years ago (no one I work with now, and I can’t even remember the person’s name, so don’t go guessing!), and I have to tell you the violinist in the car was about as bright as a doorknob. And I was shocked because … you know what?! … I thought classical musicians had to be smart. (That was before I was smart enough to realize I’m not that smart! 😉

Shoot. We look pretty smart, don’t we? (Please, oh please say yes!)

Even the young’uns aren’t so bright. Robbing a bank? Sigh. I read James Reel’s recent blog entry and just cracked up.

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Art is a beacon and music happens to be our special beacon. (I wonder if there is a relationship between the words beacon and beckon?) Music most assuredly does sustain us, and beguile and nourish us. What kind of void would be in its absence? Not a pretty thought. So it falls to us to do what it is that we can do. Our contributions to the cause of music can take so many forms and go in so many directions.

-John Mack

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… to this isn’t, as Susan guessed. The answer, instead, is a tuba. The article was about a tuba quartet.

Um. Sure. Oboe … clarinet … tuba … all so very much alike. Yes indeed.

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I’ve heard from a few people, and I can tell what they and some family members here have said that I’m a silly girl who over reacts to everything. Sigh. So I guess I’ll just forget about the email and move on to other things to whine about! There’s always something, you know, so letting that go doesn’t mean yours truly can’t find something!

Or not.

So … if anyone wants to do the work for me and put together a page for band double reed players, feel free. I’ll then post the page. Right now I have no time to do this. (Perhaps the gentleman who wrote the email will drop by again—he doesn’t appear to be a member, though, so maybe it was a one time visit—and if he knows HTML this would give him a nice little project. Whoever does it will certainly get credit on that page. Otherwise it will have to wait until I’m not working on some other things that, for me, are slightly more important right now.

I do NOT want to turn this blog into a Complaint Station™! Honest and true. And I love my “gig”. Teaching is energizing and great fun. Students can be a joy. There’s nothing in the world that can beat playing with pals. So it’s “all good” as some might say. 🙂