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I’m not exactly sure where these facts come from, as the newspaper doesn’t tell me, but here you go:

Most popular instruments for children: violin, trumpet, trombone, flute, percussion.
Most in-demand instruments on college or conservatory level: viola, bass fiddle, oboe, bassoon, French horn, English horn, tuba.
Most in-demand instrument on adult, amateur level: violin.

Not many schools have an English horn major, by the way. In fact, it might be only Julliard that offers that. I was surprised clarinet and saxophone didn’t make the most popular instrument list. Hmmm. But it’s so fun to be in-demand, you know? And violin is most in-demand for adults? My guess would have been piano. (But piano isn’t listed as the most popular instrument for children either, so maybe they aren’t including piano in this list.)

I found this attached to an article my news alert service on the word “oboe” provided. Funny thing was that I read the same article back in January. Judith Schoolman is the author listed for both, so it’s not that someone plagiarized, just so you know. I do find it odd that it doesn’t say it’s an old article, but maybe things like these work the same way as poetry first rights. You can sell a poem with first rights and later publish it again. I can’t remember if there’s a certain amount of time one must wait to resell something, but I am guessing that with an article you must have to wait around six months. Just a guess, of course!

In any case, it’s the article I mentioned back in January, about how some instruments can be a ticket to scholarships. I know that’s the case for oboe. So do a lot of parents. But I want to remind readers that the oboe itself isn’t the ticket … it’s how you play it! Don’t assume it can sit in its case day in and day out and somehow provide you with miraculous money.

Devin Cohen, a 15-year old from Bolton, Conn., has been playing bassoon for five years, and has already made the two hours a day he practices pay off.

TWO HOURS! See that? Get it? It takes time. Commitment. A little bit of craziness. (Well, maybe not that last one … or maybe so. You tell me!)

Passion. Practice.