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James Reel answers my question about reprints of articles. It does appear to be similar to what I thought. (Thanks, James!)

I tried writing poetry and articles for a very brief time. I even had a few things published. I can tell you that while we musicians whine about our income, writers have it worse (in my little opinion). Do they usually pay for poetry? Heck, no! You should just be honored to get it in a journal! (Mine wasn’t published in any kind of literary journal and the crazy thing is that it pays better in something less reputable. Go figure.) Think you are making too much money playing an instrument? Try writing. You can lower your salary quite quickly. 🙂

In Other News
We’ve been out of town since last Thursday. We arrived home about an hour ago, and I have to say it’s great to be back home, even while we had a wonderful trip. (No, I didn’t get to any concerts. It wasn’t that kind of trip.)

I may or may not post pictures at the pattyo. I didn’t tell folks where I was going because 1) I don’t like to advertise my being gone and 2) I couldn’t fit in visits to some folks who lived where we were going and I felt bad divulging the location because of that. So do I tell now? I’m still thinking on it!

Now I have a lot of sites to visit that I just couldn’t get to while away from home. Our hotel offered free wireless. Heh. Sort of. I’d have to keep hitting reload for a site as many as ten times to finally get it to really load. The hotel looked grand online; cool pictures of a hip looking place. In reality it was not so great. But hey, we had a bed and a bathroom and I’ll just be happy for those.

I will not be happy about the Giants, however. Sigh. Grumble.

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