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Well … the post that was here didn’t belong here! Go figure. It was meant to be at the pattyo.

Sometimes I’m goofy that way. I make mistakes.

I know that comes as a complete shock to most readers.


Right? 😉

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Some folks have been blogging about the death of Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, and how her connection to the Nazis does or doesn’t keep them from enjoying her music. (Well, some just didn’t like her singing, no matter….) You can read the comments of Rich Russell, James Reel, Terry Teachout, Anthony Tommasini, and Tim Page just for starters.

What do I think? Not much.

I can’t really say much about this particular individual. She really wasn’t on my radar, to be honest. So I don’t really want to yak about her.

But I also don’t want to yak (or write) about some other artists who simply drive me nuts. I’ve had to deal with some performers who are so rude to the orchestra we all would love to leave the stage. I’ve seen and heard temper tantrums. I’ve witnessed abuse of conductors. (And I’ve witnessed conductors abusing soloists too.) I’ve never had to work with anyone who clearly was a member of a group, like the Nazi party, that I found offensive, but I’ve dealt with offensive artists, to be sure. Anyone in this business has. Some of those artists were a thrill for the audience to hear, and I would never tell any of them what I thought, ruining their night. It’s just not something I think I should ever do. It isn’t nice. And as a performing musician who prefers to keep her job it’s best to keep my mouth shut (I also don’t think it’s necessary to fill folks in on what a person is like … unless the performer, like Yo-Yo Ma, for instance, is a JOY to work with).

But I’ll tell you, there are times …. 🙂

So how does an artist’s rude behavior affect me when I hear that person? I have to admit I have a difficult time separating the music from the person. I wish I could, but when you’ve worked closely with someone it can be pretty darn difficult. But … I actually do manage to hear the artistry most of the time. It can just tick me off that such a jerk can be so talented. And I cringe a bit (not visibly, mind you) and wish the music came from someone else!

Heck, I have to work with some colleagues who sit near me who can be complete jerks. Everyone in any job deals with that, right? Those musicians can still play pretty darn great and make very fine music. I’ll give ’em the credit. They deserve it for what they do with the music. They just don’t deserve it for what they do non-musically. 😉

Of course it could be that some think they same way of me … if they even think I deserve any credit musically, that is! Hmmm. Better not go there.

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Teaching is close to a sacred duty.

-John Mack