08. August 2006 · Comments Off on Just A Few Searches · Categories: imported, Ramble

As always, most people land here by doing fairly predicatable searches; questions about oboes, reeds, and lots and lots of searches for various oboe and bassoon players.

But here are just a few…

  • germany + music + baytoven
  • dictionary: what does twisting metal means?
  • get ring off
  • orchestra audition cover letter
  • Okay … first one … that spelling isn’t going to get someone very far, but I’m trying to figure out how the person landed here! (Update: It’s because of this.)

    Second: Um. You got me. Metal. That’s been twisted. Not sure it has more of a meaning than that.

    Third: Awww. Just leave it on. Most of the time I can’t get mine off. (If I’m really cold, though, I can sometimes remove it. Not that I have any reason to. I’m guessing the person has already tried the soap and water thing.

    Finally, for a cover letter just keep it short and simple. It’s your resume (often they want a resume of one page only), and of course the audition itself, that matters. The cover letter can merely state who you are, and the audition you are interested in. It’s no biggie. At least in my opinion.

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