Read this paragraph:

The evening began with a neat programming mix of Rossini’s “William Tell” Overture and Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 15, which quotes the overture’s famous “Lone Ranger” theme. But the most enjoyable part of the Rossini was the sunrise section for oboe and English horn. On its reprise, a lilting obbligato was added with playful assuredness by principal flutist Jeffrey Khaner.

Now tell me: is something wrong with that paragraph? I think there are several things that are wrong, but one is pretty shocking.

Back later with my thoughts.

(Full article here.)


  1. Holy orchestration weirdness!  Is that what you’re referring to?

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Well, I’ve sure never heard the OBOE and English horn playing together. Funny me, but I could have sworn the flute answered my part when I’ve played it.

    Then again, I’m only an English horn player. What the heck do I know?!

    I also thought it a bit odd that he didn’t name the players. (But of course named the flutist. Wouldn’t ya know? Sigh.)

  3. Also, “sunrise” is misleading.  “Reprise” is wrong.  And “a
    lilting obbligato” sounds as if the flutist improvised it.  Nor do
    I follow the logic of beginning the second sentence with “But”. 
    Generally poor writing.