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There, I feel better now.

So read this:

“Waiting rooms get one sound, a chapel gets music that’s very beautiful and reflective with a spiritual context, such as instrumental pieces from a Bach cantata,” he explains. “In the maternity ward, tempos will be a bit faster, and we’ll create a gentle atmosphere with cute instruments like the oboe and the harp, and include lots of lullabies. There’s documentation that the effects of classical music on mind and body are remarkable.”



I just can’t believe anyone would use “cute” and “oboe” together. And I am not amused.

The article itself might be interesting to some of you, though.

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I belong to the International Double Reed Society. Note the International word there? Yes, indeed!

But this site has been pretty USA centered. Not because I don’t like other countries, mind you. It’s just that this little brain thinks from me outward. How egotistical, no? So when I began this website I first listed local orchestras on a page. Eventually I decided to list not only links to the orchestras, but to the orchestra roster as well. I then started to grow, and began to list professional symphony orchestra double reed players from all the states. Well, after listing orchestral double reed players I moved on to American opera orchestras and American ballet orchestras (although ballet sites usually deem the musicians too unimportant to list them on an online roster) and, well things moved on from there.

When the IDRS held the conference in Australia I put any Australian orchestras up that I could find. And I didn’t want to neglect our Canadian neighbors.

And then I just went wild with other kinds of ideas I came up with or that other people requested (demanded!). In fact, this was the complete page as of this morning:


Boarding Schools

University, College and Conservatory Double Reed Instructors


Personal Pages of Double Reed Players


American Ballet Orchestra Double Reeds

American Band and Wind Ensemble Double Reeds

American Chamber Orchestra Double Reeds

American Opera Orchestra Double Reeds

American Symphony Orchestra Double Reeds

Australian Orchestra Double Reeds

Canadian Orchestra Double Reeds

Chamber Music Sites (that include double reeds, of course!)

Period Instrument Double Reeds

So today I was reading the IDRS forum entries and it hit me; I need to add other continents to my site. Yes. Really. So I’ve begun. This is going to take tons of time, and due to my inability to speak any other languages fluently I have to do a bit of guesswork to find the orchestra rosters, but I’ll manage … I hope! So check out the beginnings of the European Double Reeds page! Yes, it’s barely there, but it’s a beginning.

I hope that anyone who has any information will feel free to contact me. As long as you don’t bite my head off or call me an idiot I’m usually pretty cool about being given information. Really. 🙂