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Okay … so this guy isn’t perfectly in tune and doesn’t get all the notes as I remember them. I’ll forgive him those issues, considering his instrument.


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… can you imagine?

I mean, get this: I just, off the very top of my head, sang these lines, creating the TUNE as well, mind you, and singing in my very own voice. (Is that a triple threat? Yes. Heh. I can hear Dan now, “Yes, it’s a threat.”):

I would never hate you forever,
Just until you die.
I would never hate you forever,
So baby don’t you cry.

So I dunno. Am I good or what?

Yeah. I guess “what” is the correct answer. 🙂

And no, I didn’t really mean what I sang (or “sung” as some writers keep writing—don’t they know it should be “done gone and sung”?). I was just being the goofy me that I can be.

Hmmm … “the goofy me that I can be” seems as if it’s calling out for a tune as well!

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(Two MQODs for the price of one today!)

And there, where the high dome reflects my voice back onto me and onto all those people underneath and bounces it back upwards and sideways and into the stone and outside to the woods and back into the skies, and there, where my soul, and all of our souls, feel like they are being heard; there, I am thankful again.

– Rinat Shaham (Read here.)


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… and the reason I didn’t plod on with my latest project yesterday was due to a very annoying reaction I had to some meds. I’m not going to go into it here, since I already rambled about it on the pattyo, but I will say I hate when I have bad reactions to meds! (I do react frequently and I suppose this is good—it’s doubtful that I’d ever get into taking drugs just for fun, eh?)

In any case, I’m feeling a bit better today, but I’m still finding that I’m moving slowly and my head feels as if it’s just on the verge of rebelling again.

In Other News
Today is the day I can go pick up my Opera San José music! Yesterday, as we were walking downtown, we walked by the California Theatre and Dan said something about how I was probably missing it and happy that things would be starting up again soon. And he’s right. Absolutely. I can’t wait to get back to work!

But getting back to work means getting off my you-know-what and doing the reed thing.

That isn’t nearly as exciting.

They don’t induct you into the ARIA Hall of Fame for playing the oboe.

-Bernard Zuel (Read here.)