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I’m still working at this and it’s clearly going to take a very long time to finish it! (Well, okay, it will never actually be finished … right?) But it sure is fun! I love seeing all the different names and visiting sites that I can’t understand. Somehow I can usually locate the musicians’ roster, though.

Romeo & Juliet
I picked up the music for the opera. I’ve played it before, and yet it doesn’t ring any bells when I play it now. Funny how that works. (We have new parts; I actually would love to see my old part to see what sort of marks I put in it.) I sure wish I could SEE the opera; what a drag that I’ll be playing this great Shakespeare work and won’t be able to see one darn thing. Boo hoo for me.

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I always maintain that playing in an orchestra intelligently is the best school for democracy. If you play a solo, the conductor and everybody in the orchestra follows you. Then, a few bars later, the main voice goes to another instrument, another group, and then you have to go back into the collective [sound]. The art of playing in an orchestra is being able to express yourself to the maximum but always in relation to something else that is going on.

-Daniel Barenboim

(Hmmm. I have to say that this is not always the case; I’ve had conductors who would never follow a player in the orchestra no matter what!)