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When you’re doing what you love, you can just let the beauty pass through you. You don’t have to own it.

Robin Moore (More magazine.)

Thanks, Pam, for the quote!

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… and no, I didn’t mean good reed!

But I just read an article about a new book and this paragraph telling about the book just made me think, “Hmmm. Maybe I need to read this”:

Yakov is a member of that generation of the Russian intelligentsia which was shaped during Soviet times and faced significant challenges, both economic and philosophical, after the collapse of communism. The son of an opera singer who went blind after identifying too strongly with her character, Iolanta, Yakov plays the oboe in an orchestra until it is disbanded in the 1990s and its rehearsal space gets taken over by a martial-arts club. Yakov then finds a job with a mysterious company that seems to make money out of thin air, and where everything is focused on material gain.

Now of course I’m not at all sure the book is available here and if it is published in English, nor do I know if I’d like it at all, but, well, there’s that oboe player … and he’s the main character.