“…nobody goes to a concert to listen to a computer.”

Well, now maybe some will disagree with that. But there you go. The guy who is all about the Vienna Symphonic Library is being quoted here.

Several folks have written about the VSL, and some have offered up listening tests. And yes, it seems that musicians—perhaps other listeners as well?— can tell the diff. Does the general public care? I do worry about the future of musical theatre orchestras (we’ve heard about the Virtual Orchestra for a while, and I went to a show where they used it and it sounded abominable but I was fairly sure the audience couldn’t care less—they were on their feet at the end, no matter) but I think your opera and symphony concert goes do want to see us live folks.

Call me an optimist.

For once.

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I continue to work on my list of double reed players in European Orchestras. This is pretty fun to do, actually, but it does take a lot of time. Check it out and see what I’ve got up so far!

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Pieces of music are wormholes, which we can enter to escape our normal experience of time.

Robert Spano, quoted in Justin Davidson, “Measure for Measure” (The New Yorker, Aug. 21, 2006.)

(This quote was stolen (Borrowed? I could try and return it later, I suppose) from a Terry Teachout entry in About Last Night. And I must confess I was relieved that he must have decided my site wasn’t “tedious”. Or could it be that he just forgot to delete me? Hmmm. But when I read that he was cleaning house, and that he deemed some sites tedious, my little heart started going “kabong, kabong” and I thought it would be curtains for yours truly. Whew.)