So today was our second rehearsal and our first sitzprobe. I always love these first rehearsals with the singers, although not as much as I used to; in the old, less nice theatre, we could actually see the singers. And that was fun.

This year we have a whole lot of new singers. At first I had no idea who any were, but one of our musicians asked if they wouldn’t come to the front of the pit rather than stand on stage when being introduced. So they all kindly walked down into the hall and, while facing us, were introduced by the Maestro. So at least we’ve seen them. Once. That’ll be it, I’m sure. (Monitors? Anyone ever think about video and sound monitors? Anyone ever think about us poor little old instrumentalists? Sigh.)

We then nearly made it through the complete opera; there were still a few cuts some folks weren’t quite getting, and of course a few glitches we needed to work out. Yours truly managed to not come in when she should have. (My sins are usually sins of omission rather than commission. I’m smart that way. “If in doubt, leave it out.” You know?) But in any case, I am at an age where, at the first few rehearsals at least, I can usually manage to mock myself when I do stupid things. (Except when I’m a klutz, that is. But do note that the wonderful musician who was so gracious about my clumsiness received two truffles today and I do plan on a lunch or dinner when we can manage it. I like to pay off my debts!) But this time I honestly thought I was counting correctly, so who knows what the heck I did wrong.

Although I’ve always been bad at numbers ….

But … back to the important stuff … the singers sounded absolutely wonderful! I’m pretty darn excited about this new “batch”. (Is it a “batch of singers”? A “stock of singers”? A “crowd”? I dunno. It must be something.)

So, for those of you in the Bay Area, you really ought to come out and hear these young singers. Really.

And I promise to count correctly from here on out.

I hope.

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  1. I think a group of sopranos is definitely called a quarrel.  😉