The oboe world seems to be in constant flux. One position opens up, and usually someone from another orchestra wins the job. Then someone from a different orchestra wins the open position the first player left. And so on. Like dominos.

It was brought to my attention that I needed to update my USA Symphony Orchestra Double Reed Roster page. (Thanks Matt!) So I’ve started to go over it and make changes where necessary. Of course it’s never perfect, due to the darn domino effect. But there you go. In any case, I’ve now got Liang Wang listed correctly as the new principal oboist of the New York Philharmonic. This is why there is now a Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra audition scheduled, and why you see the word “Vacant” on that orchestra’s roster at my site. (See? Dominos!)

Oh … if you click on Mr. Wang’s name you can get to his site and hear some mighty fine playing. Really. Melt your heart playing. Just what I like. (That and chocolate!)

I continue to work on the European Orchestra Double Reed Roster and I’m getting through quite a few countries. The page changes frequently as I try to figure out the cleanest way to list things. Check it out and learn how to read “oboe” in other languages! 🙂


  1. Looking through your lists of european double reeds, I can help you add in a few more. I found the the location (though only for the principles) for the State Academy Symphony Orchestra. The page ( is in Russian, but scroll down the page and you can see pictures of the principles of each section including oboe and bassoon.

    The oboist is D.V. Osver and the bassoonist is M.V. Urman.

    The Rostov Academic Symphony contains a list of the musician but does not list there instruments so I won’t translate it unless you really want all the names.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Thanks, Gwen! I’ll get to this soon. Maybe even tomorrow … time will tell! I appreciate your help very much.