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“Otherwise it seems to me that next year we should all look forward to ‘Concerto for Laptop and Orchestra’.”

Mark Elder (conductor) has criticized the airline restrictions that have caused such woes for musicians. Read about it here.

My cold is better … and worse. It really depends upon what part of the cold I’m looking at. I’m not as congested, but the cough is coming on. The sort where I have to stop everything and just hack away. Ah, what fun! And my eyes are runny … as if I’m crying (but I’m not. Really.). Still, I don’t have the story singin’rin tells. Yikes. Singers. I do believe they have it the worst when it comes to illness. Their bodies, after all, are their instrument. Not that mine doesn’t begin with the body … but still ….

The smell in the house is gone. So was it just my imagination? Something in the trash (which I did take out)? Or maybe an animal nearby met its demise and that was the lovely odor. Who knows. I just hope it’s gone for good.

And yes, I actually do have a good sense of smell when I have a cold. It is, in fact, better than my usual very good sense of smell. I’m not sure what’s up with that, but it’s true!

Opera today at 3:00. Wanna be there? C’mon … you know you do! I have some fun coughing solos you could hear. 🙂

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